AG tells court UPND supporter not entitled to reliefs he is seeking

THE State has submitted before the Lusaka High Court that UPND supporter Pontious Hambulo is not entitled to any of the reliefs he was seeking. Hambulo sued the State and PF secretary general Davies Mwila claiming K1,050 which he allegedly lost on Youth Day celebrations in 2016.

He is further claiming general damages for pain, emotional trauma, humiliation and exemplary damages suffered owing to negligence by the police. Attorney General Likando Kalaluka in a defence submitted that the State was not responsible for any loss or damage, if any on Hambulo.

Hambulo sued Mwila and the Attorney General demanding special damages of K1,050, which he claims was stolen from him by PF youths at the Youth Day celebrations after police attacked him he and others. He stated that the conduct of the police during on March 12, 2016 caused him to lose his money.

But Kalaluka denied allegations by Hambulo that the police awkwardly fired teargas, saying he would aver at trial that the police acted within the law. He stated that it would further aver that it allowed all the guidelines for dispersing rioters or persons so assembled peacefully.

“The police acted to prevent the situation from degenerating into chaos and possible loss of lives and property,” Kalaluka stated.

He also denied claims by Hambulo that unidentified people clad in PF regalia beat and injured him and that he lost K1,050 in the process.

In his statement of claim, Hambulo stated that PF youths abandoned their position at the Youth Day event in the order of the line-up and begun singing songs and demanded that all other youth groups should go behind so that they, being from the ruling party, should be in front.

He stated that when the other youth groups refused, PF Lusaka youth provincial chairman Kennedy Kamba instructed the youths to get weapons from a vehicle which they allegedly subsequently did and they started brandishing ‘pangas’ and other offensive weapons, including firearms aimed at intimidating and threatening immediate injury to the youth groups which refused to yield to their demands.

Hambulo stated that participants scampered in different directions for fear of being injured and that during that moment, police awkwardly fired teargas in the direction where UPND youths were running for safety.

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