Francisco Mwepu blows horn for Enock


FRANCISCO Mwepu says his brother, Enock, is the best midfield player to ever play the game.

Francisco, who plays for Kafue Celtics Football Club where Mwepu also played before joining FC Liefering in Austria, said he is just trying to replicate what Enock does.
“Early on when Enock first started blowing up, I didn’t know how to handle it, but now definitely I love it,” Francisco said. “My brother is the best midfield player to ever play the game, in my opinion. When you play the sport of football and you have the person as your role model a phone call, a text away, it’s special. And he does it so well and so right. I’m just trying to replicate what he does.”
Enock loaded up Francisco with advice before he joined The Crocs.
“The biggest piece of advice I got from Enock is just to be myself, don’t overthink things,” he said according to the KCFC facebook page. “Just be yourself, relax and you show people who you really are.”
Like his brother, he’s a grinder.
“What I bring is just my work ethic,” Francisco said. “I know every player says this but I do have a motor that’s nonstop. I’m just always going after the ball. I’m always going to give a team everything that I have. I always wanted to play for the national team, but obviously it wasn’t a realistic option until I played at a high level in Division 1. Once that opportunity came, I couldn’t say no. To be honest with you, it didn’t matter where I played or who I played for,” Francisco said. “Obviously it would be great to be at a big Super league side but 1st division, 2nd division it really doesn’t matter. Wherever I go, I’m going to keep my mouth shut and just work as hard as I can and play the ball.”
Francisco said he is only scratching the surface.
“I’ve only played at high level for 18 or 20 months. If I can do all the things I did last year, what can I do when I’m under the tutelage of an even greater coach?” he asked.
Citing his work ethic and bloodlines, he said his relative inexperience should not be problematic in the pros.
He said he certainly held his own against his older brothers growing up.
“Have I ever beat Enock in any competition? He’ll admit it, too,” Francisco said. “We competed all the time growing up. I beat my brothers in many things. They beat me in many things, as well. You’re not always going to win; you’re not always going to lose in that house. Pickup whatever sport it doesn’t matter.”
“With not much of an age difference we fought over a lot,” Franco said. “We didn’t really see how much we cared about each other until we grew up, and now I love my brother to death.”
Anytime Francisco has a football related problem he seeks advice from Enock.
On comparisons with other great young strikers Francisco said; “Any time you get compared to great players it’s a great comparison but I personally don’t shape my game after anyone else except Enock of course. He kind of gave me the blueprint of how to do it. I’m going to try to follow in his footsteps and make my own path at the same time.”

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