It’s senseless for a man to expose the nakedness he came from, says Kawaza

CHIEFTAINESS Kawaza of the Chewa people of Sinda and Katete has expressed disappointment with the video of a Petauke man who sexually abused an unconscious woman saying it has violated women’s rights.

In interview, the traditional leader said it was unfortunate that men took advantage of women’s vulnerability to satisfy their egos.

“A woman is the source of every life that we see on earth. It is because of that that we need to be respected but it’s unfortunate that a man surely can take pictures of a woman’s nakedness and post on the social media; for what? What was his intentions? This issue has undressed every woman because the world has seen the privacy of a woman…no woman or any well meaning person can support what happened,” she complained.

Chieftainess Kawaza said every man knew where humanity came from, which should have allowed the man to respect the vulnerable woman regardless of the situation she was in.

“It’s senseless for a man to act like that because that is the nakedness he came from. Why didn’t he respect that privacy? Without a woman, we can’t have life. We are such a special people that deserve total respect,” chieftainess Kawaza said.

She appealed to the law enforcers to ensure the man is not left free but “face the wrath of the law”.

“We ask government to work on this case and ensure the man is given stiff punishment so that others can learn from that and stop such nonsense…” chieftainess Kawaza said.

The traditional leader also advised women to respect themselves and not leave room for anyone to abuse them.

She urged women who drink beer to do it moderately so that they can know what was happening.

“Let’s respect ourselves as women by reducing the level of drunkenness because if she had drunk wisely, the incident wouldn’t have happened and she couldn’t have been exposed to that extent. Women, let’s be careful in the way we drink because next time, we shall be killed in the name of drinking beer,” said chieftainess Kawaza.

Last week, Rodgers Mwanza aged 28 abused a woman whom he flolicked, mocking her private part and took a video of the whole episode.

Police arrested Mwanza from Malawi where he fled to hide.

Meanwhile, Sinda District Women Association secretary Milliam Nyambi has strongly condemned the development and said the level of alcohol intake was what caused such.

Nyambi said it was so sad that a woman could be dehumanised in that manner just because she failed to take precautions on what level of alcohol she could take.

In an interview, Nyambi advised law enforcers not to entertain corruption in the case.

“It’s bad that the world has seen the nakedness of a woman but again I feel us women don’t respect ourselves because if she had drunk to a reasonable size, she would have known what was going on…” said Nyambi.

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