Katanga warns chieftainess Lesa of arrest for ‘inciting violence’

COPPERBELT police commissioner Charity Katanga has warned Chieftainess Lesa of the Lamba speaking people in Mpongwe of arrest for inciting violence.  Katanga said chieftainess Lesa should stop using her “criminal ways of doing things to create anarchy in Mpongwe”.

And Katanga said a headman from chieftainess Lesa was in police custody charged with arson. Addressing journalists yesterday, Katanga warned that the law would not be used selectively regardless who was involved, including traditional leaders.

“Chieftainess Lesa will be warned against threatening violence which is creating anarchy in the area. She has elected to use the criminal way of doing things. The chief is no exception and she will get the wrath of the police, me and the law,” Katanga warned.

She identified the arrested headman as John Chala.

“John Chala, 78, a headman of Mwanga village in chieftainess Lesa’s chiefdom on September 9, 2018 in the company of other unknown persons did allegedly, acting on instructions from chieftainess Lesa, burnt to ashes a house and other property in a bid to halt a meeting which was scheduled to be addressed by chief Mwinuna,” Katanga said.
She said police had also identified the vehicle used in executing the crime.  Katanga said Chala would not be released until he appeared in court for arson.

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