PF ‘FEARS’ CATHOLICS …ba katolika once they start supporting umuntu tabaleka – Mwila


PF SECRETARY general Davies Mwila has told party officials in Kabwe that the battle with Bahati member of parliament Harry Kalaba will not be easy because the Catholic Church is supporting him. Mwila was in Kabwe over a week ago where he addressed party members ahead of internal elections in preparation for the 2020 general conference.

After that, Mwila held a private meeting with party officials where he spoke about the PF’s fears of the Catholic Church’s support of Kalaba, the former foreign affairs minister, senior party sources have disclosed.

This came in the wake of Kalaba’s earlier meeting with Kabwe Catholic Diocese Bishop Clement Mulenga and the invitation to attend the Central Province Catholic youth conference.

“Pa Saturday (September 1), we had a meeting naba SG; it took three hours ku (in) Kabwe. It was with PF officials after addressing ama members. Now in that meeting, he complained that the battle with  honourable Harry Kalaba is not easy because the Catholic Church is supporting him. And this is true; we agree with him 100 per cent,” the source said. “Balitweba ati ba katolika (he told us that these Catholics) once they start supporting umuntu tabaleka. You know their history; they really don’t stop when they pick an agenda.”

The ruling party official said Mwila further complained that wherever Kalaba was going, the Catholics were receiving him.

“I’m sure nangu imwe namumona ati ba katolika have been giving ba Kalaba platform for some time now. That is worrying us for sure no wonder ba SG nabo had to talk about it. Tababa bwino ba katolika,” the PF official said.

He further disclosed that Mwila asked them to identify all members of parliament working with Kalaba so that they could begin looking for alternatives.

“We were also told to go flat out and campaign.  He told us that it was now clear that 2021 was not easy. Balilanda ati inkondo naikosa (he did that the battle is tough),” said the party official who was part of the meeting.

Several attempts to reach Mwila for the past  week did not yield any result as his phone went unanswered while text messages were not responded to. Physical checks  at the party secretariat were also in vain as he was reportedly not in office.

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