Siwale brands Kamanga a liar

FORMER Football Association of Zambia executive committee member Blackwell Siwale says the football association intends to start spending at least K1.5 million each year on executive committee meetings despite not having enough resources.
And Siwale says if FAZ president Andrew Kamanga is a true Christian, he will render an apology to him for not allowing him to exculpate himself before being banned.
Siwale was banned by FAZ from all football related activities for allegedly illegally obtaining and circulating official FAZ documents.
But during the Sports programme on 5 FM radio, Siwale challenged FAZ to disclose how much would be spent on executive committee meetings.
“The cost of having an executive committee comprised of [members] from the 10 provinces is enormous, the minimum that FAZ will be spending once this is put into effect is K1.5 million per annum. Now FAZ is broke, just on meetings alone they will be spending K150,000 per month. If I am lying let someone from Football House challenge me and tell us how much they will be spending per executive committee meetings when the 10 come from every province,” Siwale said.
He said he did not recognise the ban slapped on him because he was not given a chance to be heard in the matter.
“All I did was receive a letter without inviting me for a hearing. I am based in Zambia, but the association saw it fit to invite Augustine Mukoka, who is in America to come and appear before them…but a decision was arrived at, at the so called ban because I do not recognise it,” Siwale stressed.
“I was not part of the missing money and Mr Andrew Kamanga knows the story very well, he knows deep down his heart and if he is a Christian, all he can do is come out and apologise to me.”
He further explained that all he did in the matter for which he was expelled from FAZ was give a lift to a colleague without touching the money.
“If indeed I took that money, was the best way to stop me from explaining to the councilors so that they judge me on merit as to whether I was involved or not? Even after my exculpatory letter reached him, he put it away, he is a liar, he hid my letter and goes to the council and tells them Siwale never exculpated himself when I did and I have information, SMSs and emails [Kamanga] acknowledging receipt of that letter,” he said.
“The collection of that money was between Mr Richard Kazala and Mr Andrew Kamanga himself, I was not part of that issue, I come in the picture because Richard Kazala asked me to drive him to go and collect that money, when the money was being fetched I was not there, he came in the vehicle with the money and we drove to the stadium, the bag was given to the finance manager.”
But Kamanga said he had no reason to withhold information regarding Siwale and said the matter had been exhausted conclusively.
“ I have no reason to withhold information. He should have exculpated himself to the FAZ council but he opted to go to the National Sports Council. In fact, I would rather not comment on it, the matter is finished, it went up to the council and that is where it was resolved, if he has any issues, he knows the procedure, I would rather leave him to continue with whatever he is doing” said Kamanga.

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