Businesswoman narrates how ZAF officer’s slap left her unconscious

A LUSAKA businesswoman yesterday narrated how Zambia Air Force officer Mwendalubi Hamane allegedly slapped her and she immediately became unconscious. Naomi Tembo was testifying in the matter in which Hamane is charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Hamane allegedly assaulted Tembo on July 30 this year.

Tembo sustained a raptured eardrum, dislocated neck and numbness on her left side. She narrated before principal resident magistrate David Simusamba that on the material day, she was coming from buying mealie-meal with her husband and that as they walked back home, she signalled to Hamane, who was driving a white single cab motor vehicle to reduce his car lights. Tembo testified that Hamane, who was driving fast, drove about 20 metres past where the couple was and then reversed.
She said they did not know why he reversed, stopped where they were and squeezed them in between his car and a drain.

Tembo said the incident happened around 20:00 hours and that when Hamane got to where they were, he asked her why she pointed a middle finger at him. She said she tried to explain that she did not insult him but that she was gesturing that he should reduce  the lights on his headlamps.

She said the accused, who was a total stranger to them, slapped her as he was already annoyed and she fell into the drain.

“I blacked out and the only thing I remember after gaining consciousness, I was in a room surrounded by men in uniform. By then, they had already put a cannula and drip on my right hand,” Tembo said.

She said she was treated at ZAF Clinic before she was transferred to the University Teaching Hospital.  Tembo said whilst at ZAF Clinic, she felt pain on her left side and it became numb. She said she notified the officers about how she was feeling and they checked her using a small hammer by hitting on both her legs as she explained that she did not feel anything on the left side. She said she further felt like she had water in her left ear and that when she touched it, she saw blood on her hand and also that she felt pain in the neck.
Tembo said she was released from hospital after four days.
She said her husband obtained the report from Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Police Post which was later signed by an ear, nose and throat specialist, a Dr Lukwasa.
Tembo said before being slapped by Hamane, she was very healthy but was now in pain that even talking or sitting down for a long time caused her so much pain in the ear and neck.
In cross-examination by Hamane’s lawyer Kombe Kampamba, Tembo denied using the “F” word on the accused.
She said when Hamane came out of his vehicle, he was already upset and slapped her before she could even finish her statement.

When re-examined, Tembo refuted the assertion by Hamane that she fell after she tried to run away from him.
She said she did not want to run away because she did not do anything wrong to the accused.
Hearing continues on September 24.

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