Kasama man sues Total for putting wrong fuel in car


A KASAMA resident has sued  Total Zambia Limited in the Lusaka High Court for allegedly putting petrol in his Mercedes Benz instead of diesel.

In a statement of claim filed in the principal registry, Chikoma Manda wants the court to order Total Zambia Limited to replace his damaged motor vehicle of the same quality and make as the one they damaged with diesel.

He is also seeking damages for loss of use of the motor vehicle from December 2016 when it was damaged and further wants a refund of all expenses incurred in his movements from Livingstone to Kasama for the numerous trips he made to check on the progress on the motor vehicle repairs.

Manda also wants the court to order Total Zambia Limited to pay interest at the commercial bank lending rate as well as costs for the proceedings.

He stated that Total Zambia Limited was in the business of selling fuel and had a number of outlets throughout the Republic of Zambia.

Manda explained that he was trained in Russia and upon his return to Zambia, he bought a Mercedes Benz AMG C 220.

He stated that as a returning student, he was entitled to duty exemptions on the motor vehicle he had bought.

Manda stated that the vehicle was shipped to Zambia through Namibia and it was in a good and running condition from Namibia into Zambia until an employee from Total put petrol instead of diesel when refueling at an outlet in Livingstone.

The plaintiff stated that Total management was contacted and accepted liability and undertook to repair the motor vehicle, but that from about December 2016 when Total took custody of the motor vehicle and made the undertaking to repair it, it had not done so and did not provide an alternative motor vehicle for his use.

Manda added that the defendant did not make arrangements for his motor vehicle to be taken to Lusaka and never made arrangements for his accommodation.

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