POWER BY DECEIT…many African presidents are fraudulently in office, says lawyer Zaza

AFRICA is gripped by the struggle and challenges of illegitimate presidents, says lawyer McQueen Zaza.

Zaza, an advocate of the High Court of Zambia, said many presidents in Africa were in power because of fraud and electoral malpractices.

“Many presidents in Africa are in power because of fraud and electoral malpractices. The continent has electoral bodies that are far from existing without political interference. These are bodies that feel they owe their existence to the ruling party,” Zaza said in an interview with The Mast.
“Suffice to note that it has been characteristic of African presidents to occupy the Office of the President with no clue or agenda for a country. The consequences have been the lack of legitimacy that haunts these presidents that seek relevance among the electorates who don’t believe in their leadership. They lack legitimacy and practice politics of appeasement to hold on to power. Besides, these are mediocre leaders with no defined agenda on how to govern their countries, a development that has seen them become victims of Chinese ‘investment’ because the Chinese very well know that they are dealing with mediocre leaders with no legitimacy among their people.”

He further lamented that in their desperate attempts to hold on to power and deal with modern economic challenges, most African leaders have sold the ‘souls’ of their countries to China.

Debate is currently raging on China’s influence on Zambia following the massive debts that the former has lent the latter. There are reports to the effect that China is negotiating the takeover of Zesco and the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport to recover the debts that Zambia owes.

But the government has denied the speculation, saying there was no such thing in the pipeline.

However, Zaza said “sadly, what is happening is nothing different from how African forefathers allowed the Europeans to seize land and minerals”.

He noted that Africa was not a cursed continent and had within itself people who could help save it.

“We can’t continue on this unfortunate path forever that has proven to be costly for our countries. It is without a doubt that I make mention that Africa has within itself people who can help save it and allow it to become a better home for us all again. We are not a cursed continent, as some people would want us to believe. The problem is that we are just tolerant to mediocrity as Africans,” said Zaza.
“This undignified status must come to an end forthwith. We need and deserve leaders that are prepared to govern and not opportunists that end up being vultures feeding on the lifeless souls of their countries. We can make a difference, yes but only if we all rise up to defend the credibility of our electoral system to allow it to produce the leadership we deserve.”

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