Anti-China crusade externally funded – PF

UPND national deputy youth chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso says President Edgar Lungu’s blatant defence of China validates fears that the PF has auctioned the country. But PF media director Sunday Chanda says the anti-China crusade is an externally funded campaign supported by imperialist masters of western capital with the overall objective of UPND to surrender State resources to western capital for thirty pieces of silver.

In a statement following the official opening of Parliament on Friday, Liswaniso stated that Zambians expected President Lungu to address key issues affecting the people.

“We have noted with concern the blatant defence of China and colonialism by President Edgar Lungu as he addressed Parliament this morning. Like we stated, the PF and its leader, Mr Edgar Lungu, have just sold our country to China as they did the rubber stamping in Parliament today. Zambians expected Mr Edgar Lungu to tell us the position on the sale of our country’s assets such as Zesco, NRDC,  KK Airport, among others, but to the contrary, the PF leader went quiet on this, a clear indication that they have sold these assets to his Chinese friends at least as he said it himself,” Liswaniso stated.

“To the nation and especially the youths, time is now to reclaim our lost independence. And like our party President, Mr Hakainde Hichilema, stated, for us in the UPND, it is people power! Our power! And our land. UPND policy on land and State assets is clear and it is Zambia and Zambians first. Therefore, the remarks by Mr Edgar Lungu that he enjoys a ‘mutual relationship’ with China goes to show that he has placed our country on sale if he has not already done so as he has sold our State assets at give away prices to the Chinese.”

He stated that it was unfortunate that the PF wanted to take Zambian back into slavery.

Liswaniso stated that it was now time for the youth to take action against PF.

“This is unfortunate but this means we are going back to being slaves in our own land, which as a party that believes in people power and Zambia and Zambians first will not allow. Fellow youths, it is now or never for us to take action against the PF and it’s leader, Mr Edgar Lungu’s corruption which he has now extended to the selling of our own State assets. Clearly, Mr Edgar Lungu is the exact opposite of our able statesman, Mr Hakainde Hichilema, and we can justify this by what the latter has been doing. Isn’t it Mr Edgar Lungu who told Zambians that should they vote for our party President, he was going to chase them from the streets? It is him, and he chased them. Fellow citizens, women and youth, as you go about looking for food, civil servants i.e. police, soldiers, teachers, doctors and all, remember that Hakainde is not fighting you nor for himself but he is fighting for you, so join him in restoring normalcy in our country which will bring about economic growth and job creation,” stated Liswaniso.

But Chanda,  in a statement, accused the UPND of planning xenophobia against foreign nationals.

“The extent to which Mr Hakainde Hichilema and Mr Stephen Katuka of the UPND, as well as some discredited civil society organisations have gone with their xenophobic web of deceit and fabrication is reprehensible. Their anti-China crusade is an externally funded campaign supported by their imperialist masters of western capital with the overall objective of Mr Hakainde Hichilema  surrendering state resources to western capital for thirty pieces of silver. Hichilema and his cohorts think that the people of Zambia are so gullible that they can fall for the fake BBC and fake twitter accounts as well as fake international reports and phoney video clips being churned out from the UPND factory of hate and ill-will,” Chanda stated.

“Zambians are discerning and they have already picked out the polluted hands driving the xenophobic crusade of Hichilema. The citizens of this land are not naïve as the Life President of the UPND would like to believe. As an economist of sorts, Mr Hichilema should know what a joint venture is as is the case with ZNBC. For the umpteenth time, we say again to him and his ilk who intentionally choose to ignore the facts- ZNBC has NOT been sold and neither has Zesco. Zambia remains a sovereign state that magnanimously tolerates less than sovereign individuals with a noxious character like him.”

However,  UPND media director Ruth Dante stated that when one listened to Chanda’s speech, one could see the bitterness of someone whose leadership had failed.

“The truth is that Edgar Lungu and his Patriotic Front have destroyed the economy. Chanda’s ignorance on privatisation shows that PF does not have enough people with brains. Like Dora Siliya, Chanda does know that someone who does not work for the government cannot sell a public property,” Dante stated.

“That is why we have a minister in the name of Dora Siliya who uses [traffic] congestion in Lusaka as an economic indicator. Clearly, Zambians can see why under the PF leadership inflation went over 22 percent, recording the highest ever in the history of this country. PF has run down our economy making the GDP growing at 2.6 per cent from 6.5 per cent before they took over leadership. PF has brought job freeze, wage freeze and many unbearable taxes. PF has created hunger and scarcity of  financial resources.”

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