C/belt PF official denies ‘tatulalya nokulya’ remark


COPPERBELT Province PF chairperson Steven Kainga has allegedly told members during a mobilisation meeting for intraparty elections that they should not allow to be voted out because ‘tabalalya’, meaning they have not eaten (benefitted) enough.

But Kainga has denied the allegations saying he was only encouraging members to guard against outsiders that could destroy the ruling party. The PF is mobilising members in readiness for intraparty elections ahead of the general conference in 2020. According to some members who were in attendance, Kainga told a cheering gathering in Luanshya on Thursday that his provincial executive committee had not eaten enough and should therefore work hard to retain positions.

“Ba chairman surprised all of us with what he said. Imagine at his level, openly ukulalanda ati teti tufumepo apa pene tatulalya nokulya (We can’t go just now, we have not even eaten). But ifwe twacilatota [we were clapping] when he was addressing. But he is not supposed to be saying such things because that has been the chorus of some of our members who are aligning themselves to the opposition and when they hear this from him, they get galvanised,” sources said.

“He said many other good things, encouraging hard work and preparing for 2021 [general elections]. But when he said tatulalya nokulya left us wondering, because it is not even true that he has not been eating since he became chairperson,” said the source.
Contacted for comment, Kainga said he could not remember making such remarks.
“Ukulya inshi [Eating what?] You should have asked them. Ukulya kwaba apengi (eating comes in many forms). I don’t know even how to explain that. Within our own party kuti walya ifili fyonse, if I was in government maybe somebody can accuse me of that but in the party! I never said that,” said Kainga.
“I was just encouraging them to mobilise, work hard and to support the President. I also encouraged them that we wouldn’t like others to come and destroy the party and also to prepare for 2021.”

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