Zambia’s high poverty levels due to theft of public funds by PF, says Phiri

COPPERBELT Young Leaders Initiative for Justice and Peace executive director Abraham Phiri says the high levels of poverty in the country are as a result of incompetence and theft of public resources by the PF administration.

In an interview, Phiri says President Edgar Lungu has demonstrated high levels of general mismanagement of the country’s economy.

“President Edgar Lungu will be held accountable for killing the future of this country. The PF under Michael Sata started to borrow for sound projects. Alas, Mr Chagwa Lungu came with his idea of abusing public funds. There is a lot of mismanagement of public funds by the government of Edgar Lungu. These high levels of poverty are as a result of incompetence and theft of public resources,” Phiri said.

“This government can borrow at any rate but the problem is that the funds borrowed are just squandered through corruption and over pricing of projects to meet their needs. There is no effectiveness in the use public funds. These guys in PF with the Head of State have failed to give hope to the Zambian people.”

Phiri said the PF should be ashamed that despite reckless borrowing, poverty was still high.

He said it was now a concern that the Zambian people had to pay for the corruption, which the PF had enjoyed.

“They have introduced taxes aimed at punishing our people. So our people will continue to suffer at the hands of selfish PF leaders and President Lungu. The effect will be on our children. These people will steal and go but our people will suffer more. That is why we will continue to speak for the poor people,” he said.

“There is now joblessness, more energy deficits, more youths forced out of the education system owing to high tuition fees, more sick children due to malnutrition, high mortality rates and generally high poverty levels across the country. This is what the PF has made us to be in.”

Phiri said the PF had resorted to oppressing and intimidating citizens to cover up their evils.

“As the economy continues to slide and people’s lives become harder, the PF will resort to more oppressive tactics to silence the opposition, dissenting voices. But the people will never be silenced,” said Phiri.

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