Monday 17/9/2018

State of the economy


Listening to  Lubinda Haabazoka, the President of the Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ),on Prime TV programme on September 13, 2018 dubbed “the state of the economy,” one cannot help but conclude that it’s either he is naive or he is lining up for a possible job offer from the PF government.

The PF government has defied all constructive advice offered by well meaning citizens on the economy and governance. This is because their agenda of self service is incongruent with the electorates’ agenda of development and poverty alleviation.

If the government was genuine as Haabazoka seems to believe, the nation would not have been so indebted; unemployment and poverty levels would not have escalated to such dizzy heights. The government was long advised against borrowing expensive capital for fun but they could not listen; the government was advised against inducing unnecessary by-elections but they couldn’t listen; the government were advised against corruption in all procurement but they couldn’t listen and  continued to defend corruption with gusto!

The problem we have in Zambia is not lack of resources or funds but management incompetence and failure to demonstrate fiscal literacy and to prioritise service to the electorate and also outright selfishness and corruption by the political leadership.

If Haabazoka thinks EAZ under his leadership can achieve results by treating this government with kid gloves  while pretending to reason with it, then he had better think twice or thrice.

Mushimba Chobangombe

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