Start distributing inputs, Mlolo urges govt

CHIEF Mlolo of the Chewa people in Chadiza says he is worried with the current delays by the government to start the distribution of inputs under the Farmer Input Support Programme.

Mlolo told Feel Free FM that government should start giving out inputs before the onset of the rains.

“Government announced that it would start the distribution of inputs on September 1, 2018 but this distribution exercise has not started,” Mlolo said. “We are worried because of the poor rainfall pattern we experienced last season, so government should urgently start the inputs distribution exercise before the rains start.”

He said people in his area derived their living from farming.

“For us here, farming is everything. For a child to go to school its farming, so if the government can help us in these areas then even us traditional leaders can be very happy. We receive inputs very late and this disturbs our farming plans. Looking at the weather, there is a possibility that we may have good rains, so let government do its part as fast as possible so that we could have a good harvest,” he said.

He also appealed to Food Reserve Agency to open more crop buying points in his area.

Mlolo said in some parts of the chiefdom people walk long distances to access crop marketing points.

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