PF criminality must be stopped through people’s power – HH

(By Charles Tembo in Ndola)

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says PF criminality must be stopped through people’s power.

“This PF criminality must be stopped through people’s power. Zambian citizens must realize the power that they have which they must use to stop this destruction from the PF. PF are pretending as leaders when they are so heartless and clueless to the people of Zambia. Let use us our people power now,” Hichilema stated in a statement yesterday .

“PF must immediately pay the contractors and suppliers as opposed to giving preference to foreign contractors and suppliers of goods and services have not been paid their money by the PF regime for the supply of goods and services to government. On the other hand, the PF regime is paying foreign contractors because of the commission and cuts through corruption that they receive.”

He stated that the PF were working with foreigners in the takeover of Zambian assets.

“There are some foreign contractors who are involved with the PF regime in the takeover of Zambian land and stripping of strategic assets because of the corruption deals which deliver benefits to those in the PF leadership. This PF regime should have a heart for local Suppliers. We insist that the Zambian contractors and suppliers should be paid what us owed to them now,” stated Hichilema.

“… Failure to pay them will result in many many problems and suffering, including these companies will fail to pay workers salaries and allowances, loss of property these companies could have used as security for the banks to borrow money, loss of business, loss of jobs, further loss of jobs for Zambian citizens, more children will be out of school and therefore poverty will increase while this is happening. A few in the PF regime will continue to get richer from bribes that are collected from these foreign companies while many Zambians will continue getting poorer and poorer.”

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