Borrowed money must be used wisely – Rainbow


EASTERN Province Rainbow youth chairperson Emmanuel Nyau has told the government to use borrowed money wisely for the benefit of Zambians instead of enriching themselves. In an interview, Nyau said he was worried with the way the PF was governing Zambia. He said the current trend of borrowing by the government does not benefit Zambians but few individuals within the government.

“Look, they are busy borrowing money but we don’t see what they are doing with the money. The only people that see the benefit of that money are the President and his close friends within government circles. Let them know that that is our money, it’s not their money and we should see the fruits of our money! We are not happy as Zambians, let the President think twice and be able to lead this nation productively,” Nyau said.

He urged President Lungu to address the nation on issues that traumatised Zambians such as poor economy, violence, poverty, poor agriculture and other related issues. Nyau further accused the government of not doing anything concrete to better the lives of youths. He said high crime, prostitution and ignorance were the result of PF’s failure in governance.

“You see how we the youths are suffering, everywhere you go you will observe uncalled for behaviour among youths not that they want to do that but because they have nothing to do; the person who is supposed to create a conducive environment for them doesn’t do that and in a way to find survival, that is why we see crime, prostitution, ignorance and other uncalled for behaviours among us the youths,” Nyau said.

And Nyau said the PF leadership’s statements were mainly based on lies and not truth.

He cited the failure of PF to construct a railway link between Chipata and Serenje, and lack of maintenance of the the Chadiza-Vubwi roads, among others, as the unfulfilled promises of the ruling party.

“We are worried at the level the PF is ruling this nation. We don’t see any progress. We don’t see any serious interventions in various projects they promised us. Look, they told us here in Eastern Province that they will connect the railway from Chipata to Serenje, they promised to grade Vubwi-Chadiza road and other issues that made the people of Eastern to trust them but what we see now is pathetic,” said Nyau.

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