You can’t have tall building near State House – Masheke


GENERAL Malimba Masheke says the intelligence works well with a government that is willing to receive information. A high-rise near State House has raised security eyebrows, with a diplomatic source asking: “How did the council allow the construction of such a structure?”


The construction notice seen by The Mast indicates that the project is a “proposed Kabulonga Mall” on Kabulonga road. A diplomatic source, however, has told The Mast that building a high-rise structure near State House could compromise security at the presidential citadel. Commenting on the matter, Gen Masheke, a former Prime Minister in Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s government, explained that it was inappropriate that State House could have its inside exposed by the height of any adjacent structures.

“For me, the intelligence works so well with a government that is willing to receive information. There may be resistance to receive information – I’m not too sure. But it’s not possible that the intelligence can go along with such an arrangement, no matter what country,” Gen Masheke said in an interview yesterday.

“I don’t know how the planners of the city did that because a tall (high-rise) lodge cannot be in that location, in the first place. Even State Lodge had to go outside that area (State House.) State Lodge was built when Kaunda was already a President but he (Kaunda) handed it over to the government and it had to be part of State buildings…”

He added that State House was “a very busy area” where high profile people walked in and out.

“So, you cannot have a tall structure around it. I think it will not work! I don’t think the security people can allow it (the lodge) to operate. There could be criminals like snipers who can cause so much insecurity in State House by just going to the last floor of that structure. They can cause untold damage!” explained Gen Masheke.

“State House cannot have a building which is covering it or exposing it. That’s why even City Airport is regulated in terms of who flies over. Do you see international flights flying [over State House] and landing or taking off at City Airport? There is a reason that is not done! Aeroplanes that are passing through Zambia do not have or should not have coverage of State House. But I’m surprised that there are no thinkers like that to have come to advise the State.”

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