Pray for me that I find more money to help communities – Tasila

CHIEF Kathumba of the Chewa people of Sinda and Katete has asked President Edgar Lungu’s daughter, Tasila, to tell the Head of State about the non-availability of electricity in his chiefdom.

And Tasila has requested chief Kathumba to pray for her to find more money to help communities.

Speaking when Tasila paid a courtesy call on him on Tuesday before commissioning a borehole sunk through funding she sourced, chief Kathumba said he was “very much glad with developments like the grading of the road and some mobile towers” erected in his chiefdom.
However, chief Kathumba said lack of electricity had affected his subjects in many ways.

“I want to thank you for the water points you gave us. You have redeemed our people though we know and believe you will give us more because I have so many people that are drinking contaminated water. I’m glad that your boreholes,  they managed to find water compared to those we apply from the council. However, I wish to take this opportunity to ask you to deliver my message to the President that I’m drinking hot water. I have no electricity where I can freeze the water and I’m worried that since you have come, what are you going to drink? Tell him we appreciate the road he graded in my area, mobile towers he gave me and the big challenge is electricity and people have to travel long distances to seek electricity services. Pulizi kapezeni mpata kukanilankhulira kwa President kuti ndithu nilikumwa madzi otentha (please find a way to convey my complaint to the President, that I am drinking hot water),” said chief Kathumba.

In response, Tasila thanked the traditional leader for blessing her and appealed to him to continue praying for her to find more money to help communities.

And during a community meeting in Mtole where she went to commission the borehole, Tasila called on parents to educate children if they wanted to see reduction of problems in future.

She said she was disappointed that Sinda district had no female councillor out of its 17 wards and hoped to see a female councillor in the next elections in 2021.

“My simple but cardinal message is let’s take our girl child to school. You are aware that myself and my colleagues, the male councillors, we have different priorities. The way God created us females, we tend to be more sensitive, have more compassion and sympathy and are able to do certain things in a unique way, so let’s send our girl child to school and here in Eastern, we are lucky that we have so many schools and due to the fact that grade one to seven is free, there is no excuse for one not to reach grade seven…” Tasila said.

“If we take our priorities on education, these are the same children that will come and address our problems. Instead of seeing children as problems, they can be the solutions to our problems and when we rush them into early marriages, they come back with many children who are not educated and these marriages don’t last because the children are not mature.”

She urged Zambians to believe in themselves to eradicate the problems than trusting in other people.

“We should really have a reflection as a country and to develop this country, only Zambians can do it as others may come in and try to help but at the end of the day, they get back to where they came from. So we should reflect on that as we go back home,” said Tasila.

And chief Kathumba’s induna Joseph Phiri appreciated the PF government and asked God to bless the leadership of President Lungu.

“We believe the President is doing a lot and only a child of a wizard can’t appreciate and see what the PF government under the leadership of Lungu is doing. As for us, we ask God to bless him in everything so that he might receive leadership favour from God even in times to come…,” said Induna Phiri

And district commissioner Paradious Sakala said he who gives a person water gives life and appreciated the gesture by Tasila.

Party cadres chanting “Ulalyei! Reese! Ulalyei! Reese!” welcomed Tasila, who later gave them K1,500.
Tasila is a Lusaka-based councillor.

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