Zambians get angry with Lungu over UK aid freeze


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has received a backlash from Zambians over the British government’s confirmation that it has cut bilateral aid to Zambia following reports of massive corruption.
President Lungu on his Facebook page has stated that four months ago, he had ordered an administrative inquiry into suspected misuse of the Social cash Transfer funds, and that a comprehensive report was submitted to his office on September 14, 2018.
The Head of State stated that he had given secretary to the Cabinet Dr Roland Msiska, who is out of the country, one week to take decisive action to curb all malpractices in the administration of the Social Cash Transfer programme, saying that malpractices hurt the poor who survive on “this vital safety net.”
His statement on the misapplication of the Social Cash Transfer which was also made available to various media houses in the country two days ago has not been received well by the public.
The post, which attracted over 1,000 likes, over 2,000 comments and over 250 shares unsettled most of citizens with some going as far as mocking President Lungu and calling him corrupt.
The following are some of the reactions from the citizens:
Maiko Zulu: Your administration is not inspiring any more Mr. President. Corruption and poor service delivery have dented your humble image while poverty is getting from bad to worse amongst your people. Your ministers and those close to you seem to be the only ones benefitting from this crisis.
Innocent Lubunda: If you told them to give a report four months ago and they only submitted it few days ago, why not fire them for being incompetent?
Cornelius Zambrota Musukwa: A year ago, I remember a certain headline like “Zambia can survive even without aid.” Hope the donors did not read that too!
Bashi Meghan: So you knew about this scandal four months ago but waited until the UK government suspended funding to this programme? How many people will be affected now?
Jason Dalitso Chulu: I love how my President has zero tolerance to corruption. Just look at how he dealt with the US $42 million fire gate scandal, the ambulance scandal, the irregularities in the FIC report. We are so blessed to have such a morally upright leader.
Malyango Probby: I am scared to comment, I would rather drink my chibwantu peacefully and wait for 2021.
Cephas Mutale: I don’t know what SATA saw in u Mr. President because u are a failure to an extent of failing to interpret the Constitution which is your field of work. Sorry sir but u are a greatest liability Zambia has ever had in history.
Judith Mutale: The truth Your Excellency is that you are now exceeding[ly] irrelevant to the governance of our nation. We used to love you but now we regret having voted for you. Cursed is the day we voted for you in 2016. You are a burden to Zambia sir and the earlier you realise this, the better. You are the most CORRUPT President since independence.
Jack Solozzo: Mr Edgar Lungu, the problem with you is that you pretend to be a very humble man but actually, you are very arrogant and dictatorial in nature. You don’t want to listen to people when they complain. Maybe you think that you will be a president forever.
Ken Zikhale Ngala: You’re a good pretender sir. How can you not know about all this when you’re the one who is giving all instructions to all the pipo in government…sort out your mess or we will not support you in 2021. Things are becoming difficult every day.
Innocent Litata: These are the results of taking those who oppose you as enemies. Even when they give proper checks and balances, you take it as a fight. Your government is too corrupt.

Reagan Katunga: When we complain about corruption, you say we should provide evidence. That is so unfair and unreasonable Mr. President. Now things are bad, you want to act at a speed of lightening?

Danny Boy Salimu: You are just the same as them. You’ve really disappointed the youth and I regret ever casting that vote. Mwatukosesha ubwikalo bane and time is coming. Just wait…nothing stays forever!
Herbert M. Musanshiko: Panicking now because the West has acted but when the opposition talk of massive corruption, you said it only existed in their heads! Lelo mulemwenako yama, umusungu temunobe.
Leroy Mckees: Investigation for what? You are the one with the money!!! You don’t have to look any further, you are now the second richest man in Zambia over a very short period of time. So, I am very sure you know where the money is. There is no way two years ago, you weren’t even in the top 20, now you are number 2, get serious my friend.
Edgar M. Njovu Snr: PF is an assemblage of very corrupt and merciless individuals! So you think we can buy that?
Ernest A. M. Kashinga: Mr President, please resign if you love this country. The problem is that I don’t know if you are too good or too bad that you can’t just fire people who are failing you.  If I were you, this would have been an opportunity to show zero tolerance on corruption. Just go mwe.
Kalonde Chisanga: It is a shame and disappointing that we voted for you. God, I repent, never will I do that again, never I promise.
Mathews Mvula: It’s too late ba Lungu. You have misused the funds together with yo people therefore 2021 is coming. God has given us a signal on how we will treat you.
Simon Chinyama: Do we still doubt that we have an incompetent government in Zambia? And to think that this is the same man who is seeking a third term in 2021?
Collins Twala Sitwala: This man does not know what he is doing. All he knows is to steal from people. He started when he was a lawyer. PF voters, see your life now?

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