Musumali warns of new scramble for Africa

DR Cosmas Musumali has warned of a new scramble for Africa whose manifestation most people may not be aware of.

During the opening of the Pan Africanism Today 3rd Annual Conference in Winneba, Ghana on Thursday, Dr Musumali – the Socialist Party’s General Secretary – further lamented the militarisation of Africa by the US, China and some Europoean countries.
He said apart from military bases, buying large chunks of land in Africa to secure food production spaces, the US and other countries leading in the new scramble of the continent were equally involved in capturing Africa’s future leadership.
Dr Musumali named US, China, and now Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia as countries in the scramble for resources, markets, and investments for profit maximisation on the continent.
He said today the US, European Union, Japan, the BRICS, and Oil Exporting Countries were all main actors in the new scramble for the continent.
Dr Musumali said those countries were not seeing African faces because capital by nature focused on diamonds, gold, copper, coffee, tea, among others.
He said mapping for Africa’s mineral resources were done some 40 years ago and that today capital was busy putting in place transport networks chiefly funded by China.
Dr Musumali said China had the biggest demand for Africa’s resources and noted only recently Beijing offered the continent US$60billion towards, mostly, infrastructure.
He said by 2015, at least US $162 billion was entering Africa for capitalist investments while $203 billion was going out annually.
“Africa is the net exporter of capital,” Dr Musumali said. “You are sending US $41 billion each year, net. So who is developing who?”
He said imperialists had also marked Africa and Latin America’s arable land.
Dr Musumali said among others China, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates were busy buying large chunks of land to ensure food sovereignty.
“Capitalism comes with individualism, greed and unbridled competition and we are celebrating those values,” he lamented. “There is severe assault on African working class. And on the other hand, we have dangerous militarisation of the African continent. By 2015, when we discovered the secret document about US bases…the US can reach and attack any African nation within two hours. Why would a super power come in this dangerously? China, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia are also coming in, setting bases.”
Dr Musumali said, as if the above was not bad, there was a new game changer.
“There is a scramble for the mind of the youth of Africa. They are now capturing the youth leadership. There’s capture of the economic demographic dividend,” he said.
Dr Musumali said, as Asia’s population begin to stagnate, come 2130, Africa will have 51 per cent of the global population.
“At that point Africa will have the highest working age in the world including wealth and value,” he said. “This is why capitalism is putting in huge investments to capture African youths. They capture the potential leaders while the average youth is facing poverty, oppression and unemployment.”
Dr Musumali said while there were attempts by African leaders to respond to challenges, even the AU Agenda 2063 may just be laying out the platform for the new scramble for Africa.
He said the only solution to the enslaving of Africa was ridding the continent of capitalism.
Dr Musumali said Pan Africanism Today must take a stand against capitalism and do away with the oppressive system.
National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa general secretary Irvin Jim said Africa ciuld not continue to be imprisoned by the International Monetary Fund and international rating agencies.
He said Africa must own its economy adding that “we must free Africa from colonial masters, own our land.”
Jim said as Africa waged her struggle, it must always give solidarity to Cuba, Venezuela, which currently were under imperial siege, and also join the struggle to free incarcerated former Brazilian president Lula.
“An injury to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, must be an an injury to all,” he said. “Down with patriarchy, let’s destroy xenophobia. Some of us are not pleased with ourselves. The fact we were liberated by frontline States, and to wake up with xenophobia attacks! These borders, crafted in Berlin, created a fake illusion that Africa is not one. So the question now is how do we attack this xenophobia? How do we deal with xenophobia? Let’s overthrow capitalism and replace it with socialism. Comrades, power is not a bag of oranges. Let the working class, who are exploited in broad day ight, get united under a vanguard party knowing all too well that only the working class can wage this struggle to its logical conclusion,” said Jim.

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