CBU lecturers resolve to release students’ results

THE Copperbelt University Academics Workers Union says educational standards at the institution have gone down as students are now writing exams at secondary schools. And the union has decided to release students’ results which lecturers withheld to push vice chancellor Prof Naison Ngoma out of office. Union general secretary Willy Ngosa said in an interview that medical students at Copperbelt University were this year made to write their examinations at Kansenshi Secondary School, which was against the university provisions.

Ngosa said management’s decision to subject students to borrow chairs and write exams at secondary schools is not motivating future students. He said this was a sign that suspended CBU vice chancellor Professor Naison Ngoma had failed to run the institution. He said the union would not back down on their vote of no confidence in Prof Ngoma.

“Our stance has not changed in terms of vote of no confidence in the vice chancellor because he has failed. The results are all there to see. For example, School of Medicine [students], wrote their exams from Kansenshi Secondary School and we are calling ourselves a university and we need to encourage the young ones to have that desire of joining the university!
So if you go and write an exam from there, what motivation are you giving them?” he wondered.

And Ngosa said the lecturers had reversed their decision of withholding the students’ results. He said this was after they realised that some students had overstayed at the university and needed to be given a chance to graduate. Ngosa said the decision to release the results does not mean they have backed down on their agenda.

“We had a general meeting where we discussed our earlier resolve to withhold the results and we resolved that there was no need for us to hold on to the results and that resolution did not come as a result of us back tracking because we are also mindful that the students, some of them have been here for a long time and we need to give them chance to graduate and go but that does not mean that our fight is ending. We just want to restrategise and looking at other avenues of ensuring that we push the agenda until we achieve our agenda (to hound out of office Prof Ngoma),” said Ngosa.

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