Mobile banking is the future of banking – Makebi

EASTERN Province minister Makebi Zulu says the future of banking is in mobile banking. And MTN Zambia chief executive officer Charles Molapisi says his company believes that it will change the lives of people through its partnership with government. Launching an MTN site in Chikalaba area in Sinda on Saturday, Zulu said using MTN, it would be easy for people to send and receive money through MTN mobile money.

“We know and we are aware that you have one million subscribers to mobile money. MTN mobile money has now a market of not less than 4,000 people in Chikalaba village. I urge all of you to have a mobile money account so that you are able to access your money and you are able to transact freely without needing to go to a bank to open an account. It will also be easier to save money as a community. I would like to make a clarion call to all the banks operating in Eastern Province, the future of banking is certainly through mobile money,”  Zulu said.

He said mobile banking would give people in rural areas access to money.
“I, therefore, call for a partnership between MTN and the banks to be able to provide solutions that will be lasting and we will be able to save the cost of printing money by government so that the people can be able to access banking solutions such as the ones provided by MTN,”  Zulu said.

He also assured the people of Chikalaba that a rural health post would be completed and operationalized in the area.  Zulu said the Chikalaba road that was not in good condition would soon be worked on under a World Bank funded project. Zulu said what MTN did in Chikalaba was in consonance with the objectives of the government whose idea was to create an environment where the private sector was able to flourish and complement the government efforts in providing services to the people. And Molapisi said the coming of MTN to Chikalaba would change a lot of things in the area, like improving the quality of education.

“I am making a commitment that we are going to improve the school in this village by adding three more classrooms to this school. I also promise that we’ll bring internet access to our children in the schools. We are going to adopt the school and we’ll assist in any way that we can,” he said.
Molapisi commended the local people for giving MTN an opportunity to deliver internet to the people.

“We believe as MTN that when we link with the community, the lives of the people of that community must change. We believe that everyone deserves the benefits of the modern connected life. When we bring internet to our people, we bring education, when we bring internet, we bring financial inclusion to our people,” said Molapisi.
Chikalaba Primary School head teacher Boston Daka commended MTN for the gesture. Daka said the school faces challenges like lack of ICT facilities.

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