When it’s time for PF to leave, they’ll go – Nkombo

GARY Nkombo says Zambians are tired of the PF. Debating President Edgar Lungu’s opening speech of the third Session of the 12th National Assembly, Nkombo, the Mazabuka Central law maker, on Friday said when time comes for the PF to leave, they should leave.

“Zambians are tired of you as a matter of fact…extremely tired. They are tired of these by-elections that the PF has been creating which in my view could have circumvented a lot of things that have happened to us as a nation, including the loss of our colleague (Naluwa Mweene) who used to sit here. Unnecessary by-elections, read my lips…this is what I am talking about; unnecessary by-elections caused by people who are getting money from we don’t know where to pay individuals to change allegiance and in the process we had an unnecessary funeral. The death of our colleague won’t be a death in vain. Someone is going to pay the price. Stop buying people, people are not for sale. Zambians have told me to tell PF that time for them to leave is near. The Zambian people have advised me also to tell PF that when the time comes to leave, they should not forget to leave. The Zambians are tired; they are fed up of PF Mr. Speaker. They have said PF must leave. They will leave through a ballot,” Nkombo said.

“The message is that when the time to leave comes, they should leave, PF should not forget to go because everything that goes up must come down. There is still time for them to redeem themselves. I am not saying that they are totally bad people as a group but there are a few who may not be advising the President correctly. This country deserves better than PF. This is a settled agreement and I am not a prophet myself but I am simply saying from the spectacles of my political eyes that PF have been told now ‘you can fool people sometimes but certainly cannot fool people all the time. Their day of reckoning will come. Your day of reckoning is soon.”

He wondered why President Lungu pretended as though the Social Cash Transfer programme was doing well.
“I would like to welcome the new Minister of Community Development and also to acknowledge the immediate past minister who just came. Sir, I will make quick comments on the President’s speech that he delivered on September 14, 2018. I will make some quick comparisons with a speech that the same President delivered a year ago and one thing that I picked (which was) critical was the disconnection between the two speeches. In the 2017 speech, the theme had to do with not leaving anyone behind and this particular one now has to do with working together to achieve vision 2030, which is in 12 years’ time. I think that those who will be lucky will still be among the living,” Nkombo said.

“But I am worried, Sir, worried in the sense that there is a revelation already today that a great part of a very meaningful segment of the President’s speech on page 23 has now appeared to be untrue. This is to do with the Social Cash Transfer and the current position of the donors withdrawing their aid to this country. So, one will ask themselves a question; what else is untrue in this particular speech? I can only suspect that the issue that seemed to agitate the President and I am sure all of you saw that he was agitated when he was speaking about his relationship with the people of China. I think we should agree together here that the ruling party in China may have to revisit their nomenclature of their name because China to me is no longer a communist country.”
He said there was nothing mutual about what President Lungu said regarding the relationship that Zambia had with China.
Nkombo said when the Chinese give a country money, they give conditions that that particular country employs their people (Chinese).

“I insist that the President appeared agitated. It is clear in my mind that that agitation that the President showed had some under connotation. There was something that was bothering him. If the relationship was mutual, I am sure he would have had a better disposition, calm, relaxed…but I have never seen the President to be that agitated about emphasising a friendship which is lopsided. We have people who are voiceless in this country. Our people don’t have trading places because the PF’s best friends, the Chinese have taken over trading places in Soweto Market. The speech did not inspire any confidence. It did not give me any hope.  The President is being let down by the people here on your right hand side. By now, after having been independent for 53 years, going to 54, Zambia should have taken-off. Now here we are with a President who has been given a document to read and there is no intelligence to tell him that in this sector of Social Cash Transfer, things are wrong. There is no one to tell him,” said Nkombo.

“So, my message to the President is that, you cannot hang around with chickens and expect to fly and soar like an eagle. For as long as the chickens you are with…you continue to hang around with the chickens, you will never fly like an eagle. This country is not going to fly with an attitude of people not wanting to listen. So, now, whose call is it? The call is that the President also said he was very happy. The Zambians were listening to this speech. When these donors withdraw support based on this same statement the President made that all was okay. If I were the President I would be extremely worried. All these statements from page one, all the way to page 50, we now must do a forensic check on word for word whether what the President said was true or not. Now that is not nice because what the Head of State says must be respected. Now, barely three days after he delivers the speech, we are greeted with screaming headlines, not on social media but on BBC that aid has been withdrawn.”

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