Chikanta hopeful Muyobe road will be rehabilitated

CHIEF Chikanta of Kalomo district hopes the Muyobe-Chikanta road that leads to his palace can soon be rehabilitated.
In an interview at Choma Hotel on Monday, chief Chikanta, who is Southern Province Royal Foundation chairperson, expressed optimism that the 50-kilometre pot dusty stretch will be improved soon.
The traditional leader also indicated that the government, through Zamtel and the Rural Electrification Authority (REA), was erecting communication towers as well as electrifying the chiefdom.
Muyobe turn-off is on the Choma-Namwala road.
“We have been talking about the issue of roads, the issue of [communication] towers, the issue of electricity. But at least now Zamtel has put up towers – about six towers in the (Dundumwezi) constituency. On the issue of electricity, right now REA is putting up electricity poles from the [Muyobe] turn-off to the palace. So the only issue that is remaining now is the road [and] we are hoping that after we do electricity and the towers, probably the road will be worked on. That’s our wish,” chief Chikanta said.
Asked about this year’s maize marketing season, chief Chikanta said his subjects were selling their produce to the Food Reserve Agency.
“People are selling to FRA [and] to the private buyers but mainly they are selling to the private sector because the price FRA announced was low…. So, mainly they are selling to the private sector but even FRA is picking the little that is coming through,” he explained.
On whether farmers in his chiefdom who were selling maize to the FRA were being paid, chief Chikanta said “we don’t know; maybe this time they (the FRA) will make it quick because they are seeing the competition.”

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