SA police issue arrest warrant for Zambian woman in kidnapping case

POLICE in South Africa have issued an arrest warrant for a Zambian living in that country suspected to have kidnapped another Zambian.

Douglas Dale Police Station in Johannesburg are investigating Aissata Mwila of Passport number ZN 251393 for her alleged involvement in the kidnapping and disappearance of another Zambian, Jeffrey Musonda aged 50 years of Itawa in Ndola.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba said it was regrettable that a Zambian was named and involved in a dangerous kidnapping and extortion ring.

He said he was in touch with the Police and the family to help trace the hostage. Police stated that Mwila, 26 had previously been involved in two other kidnapping and extortion cases, which were under investigation. Musonda disappeared on August 4, 2018 after allegedly being lured by Mwila who is said to have been befriended on social media.

Mwila is alleged to have invited Musonda to her house in Primrose Johannesburg.

The Police say the scam works by a woman luring a man to her house and then the ‘husband’ turns up, finds them and then demands money from the victim.

Police say Musonda was made to withdraw R10, 000.00 that night and family members were later contacted and they also made a deposit of another R10, 000.00.

A bank video footage shows the money being withdrawn by a male suspect, according to police.

Since August, there has been no trace of Musonda who was in South Africa to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Police interviewed Mwila and her husband shortly after this but the duo have since disappeared, prompting the issuance of an arrest warrant.

The Police have also advised the family to publish the case of missing person in national newspapers in South Africa and Zambia.

Mwamba said the High Commission wrote to the South African government to help, especially in the fresh case of Musonda.

He also said that he feared for the life of Mwila as she was connected to a dangerous ring and since police had identified her, she was the only lead to the other suspects.

Mwamba appealed to Mwila to willfully surrender to the Police and give information that would help find Musonda.

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