Govt to evacuate injured UNZA student

GOVERNMENT has said it will evacuate injured UNZA student Evelyn Choongo to South Africa for specialist treatment. Evelyn,  the second year  female UNZA student, jumped off the third floor of her hostel on Thursday night when police fired teargas in their rooms during riots.

This has left her with a fractured spine and legs. Evelyn’s father, Geoffrey, confirmed that Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya visited his daughter where he said the government would evacuate her to South Africa. He said he was comforted that the Minister visited his daughter and assured the family that she would be flown to South Africa for further medical examination on her spine and legs.

“The Minister came himself here this morning, he came with his medical team and your counterparts from other media and I  mentioned to them that they have made a decision to evacuate her to South Africa. I had a meeting with him without the media and I told him that I wanted him to listen to two students from UNZA who were witnesses to what happened. They gave a very moving testimony and he said he was upset to hear what happened. The girl is still in pain as certain examinations could not be done here,” Choongo said.

He further said his daughter and wife were faced with the challenge of passports, which he said would briefly delay the trip. Choongo, however, said the passports would be arranged and have the two flown out as soon as possible.

“I have appreciated the decision that the Minister has made. The arrangement was to leave today but she hasn’t got a passport and the mother hasn’t got a passport but I can help assemble the documents and see them off,” said Choongo.

Before making a decision to jump off, Evelyn was trapped in her room that was engulfed in smoke from the teargas and fire.

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