Ndola councilors seek to halt plot sales


COUNCILLORS at the Ndola City Council say it is criminal and evil for the local authority to illegally start advertising land without a full council meeting. According to the councillors, who have opted to remain anonymous for fear of victimisation, the council, through the town clerk, should stop criminal activities.

The Ndola City Council has opened up new areas, advertising over 700 plots. However, developers that have occupied Chibolele forest, which is now Dola Hill extension, are claiming ownership of the new area, which has been established and have since obtained a court order against Ndola City Council. The councillors have threatened to move a motion to stop the said exercise to award plots to new developers.

“What is happening at the council is criminal. And someone should be held accountable. How can the council advertise land without a full council meeting? Come on Monday and see what will happen. This selling of plots should immediately stop. We won’t allow this kind of criminality. How can you start selling and advertising plots that are not minuted? What reference will, we use in future?” the councillors asked.

However, applicants have continued to deposit non-refundable application fees ranging from K850 for medium cost, K1,000 for high cost and K2,500 for churches and K5, 000 for commercial plots in the Ndola City Council bank account opened for the exercise.

When contacted, Ndola Mayor Amon Chisenga said there was no need for residents to doubt the plots.

“There is no need to doubt the council. How can the residents doubt that the plots do not exist? The plots are there,” said Chisenga.

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