Use sign language to tell PF ‘enough is enough’ – Sejani


ACKSON Sejani says it is now time for Zambians to use sign language to make the PF government understand that enough is enough. In an interview, Sejani said the PF was exhibiting characteristics of old age that had problems with understanding.

“It is now time for Zambians to use sign language to make the PF government understand that enough is enough because mere talking has failed to yield anything,” Sejani said. “If somebody can’t hear to people’s talk, the best solution to make them hear you is to use sign language and that is the language the PF can understand because it’s a deaf government.”

He said the PF government lacked foresight no wonder the country was in a mess. Sejani wondered what signal Zambians were still waiting for to wake them up and realise that the PF was leading them into a ditch.

“What signal are we still waiting for as Zambians if it is not these same fuel price increase, the way Chinese have been allowed to dominate everything in our country, huge debts, high cost of living, high corruption levels, and many other injustices. Let’s start asking ourselves serious questions about the state of our country,” he said.

Sejani urged citizens across the political divide to unite for once and put to task those in leadership to start taking matters affecting them seriously. He wondered if Zambians were tracking the lies the PF was fond of telling them in defense of government failures. Sejani said whenever people complained of the rise in price of many commodities, the PF regime always put the blame on the opposition. He said it was no longer possible for PF to hide that things in the country had began to slide into real problems.

Sejani said prior to the 2016 general elections citizens were promised cheaper fuel from Saudi Arabia but since that time there had never been a moment when the price was reduced to K5 per litre as promised by President Edgar Lungu. He urged students and everyone from all sectors to wake up and say no to more problems. And Sejani said the hiked fuel prices would affect the 2018/2019 agriculture sector. He said high fuel price increased the cost of production due to the expected rise of commodities as well as inputs.

He explained that once the prices of commodities became expensive it would be difficult for the poor in rural areas to be productive. The former Mapatizya member of parliament predicted an increase in the poverty levels in an event agricultural production went down adding that it would force many children to drop out of school because parents would be unable to pay fees. Sejani also called on traditional leaders to stand up and defend their chiefdoms from being abolished by the PF government.

He said a chief without land and identity of people was as good as nothing.

“People should now know that tribalism cannot be eaten and if our voting pattern continues to be the way it is then more problems will continue being heaped on us. Let us unite as a country and vote PF out in 2021 to control things,” said Sejani.

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