Postmaster general’s attempt to reconcile PF officials goes to court

(By Charles Tembo in Ndola)

SUSPENDED Zambia Postal Services Corporation postmaster general McPherson Chanda’s attempt to reconcile two warring Patriotic Front officials in Twapia ward has landed him in court.
Chanda has been positioning himself to stand as Ndola Central Constituency member of parliament.
Twapia ward ex-official Benedict Mukuka had sued his chairperson Maybin Mutono and youth chairperson Enoch Katulu for defamation of character following the September 18, 2018 party verification meeting for members in readiness for intra-party elections.
The PF intra-party elections are set for Wednesday, October 10, in Ndola.
Chanda made a rare public appearance, a week after his suspension to pave way for investigations into the misappropriation of Social Cash Transfer funds.
The Ndola Main Local Court had summoned Chanda after it established that he gave Mukuka K200 for him to withdraw the matter in court.
The court heard that the money was given to Mukuka at Chanda’s residence in the presence of the defendants, who later formally apologised.
Mukuka contended that the money given was not enough for him to completely withdraw the matter.
Ruling on the matter, the court informed Mukuka that matters before court were never withdrawn using money but that parties involved should appear before court and apply that a matter be withdrawn.
The court disposed of the matter because Mukuka’s complaint that he was called a witch was based on hearsay.
It added that court rulings were not based on hearsay.
The court further reprimanded Mukuka’s witness identified as a Mr Phiri for fuelling confusion by giving testimony without facts.
The local court advised political parties to put their houses in order and not rush to court when matters could be resolved within the party structures.
A disappointed 78-year-old Mukuka said he was not satisfied with the judgment but stated that he would not appeal.

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