I’ll only exculpate myself when the price of fuel comes down – Kalaba

I WILL not allow Davis Mwila to waste my time as he wasted time for the people of Chipili, says Bahati PF member of parliament Harry Kalaba. On Sunday, Mwila said he had given Kalaba and Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube a 14-day ultimatum to exculpate themselves over charges of alleged misconduct.
He said the duo had been working against the party and alleged that they were insulting the leadership.
Mwila said  the party’s disciplinary committee would sit and a decision would be made before December 2018.
“We thought that time has come for us to make a decision, my job is to charge,” said Mwila.
But Kalaba, who is aspiring for the presidency 2021, yesterday said it was laughable for Mwila to ask him to exculpate himself.
He wondered what Mwila was smoking to demand an exculpation from him amidst serious challenges the country was going through.
Kalaba said he would not respond to Mwila’s request unless he assures him that fuel prices will be reduced and the lives of Zambians were changed.
“It is extremely laughable that Mr Davies Mwila can be asking me to exculpate myself now at a time when we have lost a young life, a young Zambian who has gone back to be with the Lord [fourth year UNZA student Vespers Simuzhila], because of the huge negligence from the Zambia Police. Davies Mwila does not mind that a parent has lost a child for him to have the energy to ask Kalaba Harry to exculpating himself on whatever insults he has imagined in his own heard,” Kalaba said.

“Now here is what I have to tell Mr Mwila, that if Mr Mwila assures me that the price of fuel will come down when I exculpate myself, then I am willing. If he tells me that the standards of living of our people will improve when I exculpate myself then I will do that. If Mr Mwila assures me that the poor people and children will not be dying at UTH (University Teaching Hospital) like they are dying then I will do that, but if he does not deal with these pertinent issues and wants to play politics as usual, I decline the invitation. I’m not going there to play to his standards and I will not.”
He said Mwila should not waste his time like he did for the people of Chipili.

“I will not allow him to waste my time as he wasted time for the people of Chipili. For me, I’m focused and resolved to ensure that the challenges the Zambian people are going through will [not] continue and no amount of tactics will sway me from doing that which I have started. No amount of tactics will deter me from ensuring that a new Zambia is born and Zambians get their country back in their hands. And so for me…I can only wonder, when Zambia is going through… I wonder what drug Mr Mwila is feeding on, I mean, what is he smoking! It is laughable and so appalling,” said Kalaba.

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