Minister reports NDC official for impersonation

(By Charles Tembo in Ndola)

NATIONAL Planning minister Alexander Chiteme has reported National Democratic Congress national youth chairman Charles Kabwita for impersonation. But Kabwita says Chiteme is a joker who has failed to run the ministry and Nkana Constituency as member of parliament.

On Monday, Police in Kitwe summoned Kabwita after he was reported by Chiteme. According to police, Kabwita reported himself after a summon for him to be questioned.

“What happened is that we had a report of impersonation which honourable Chiteme gave us here. But we did our investigations and we have still continued. It is that the honourable said Mr Kabwita was impersonating him on a WhatsApp group,” the police source said.

When contacted, Kabwita confirmed that police had summoned him for questioning.

“Yes, yesterday on Monday, I received a phone call from a Mr Harry Mukuni, an officer at Kitwe Central Police. I was told to report at 15:00 hours and like a law-abiding citizen, I went to the police though they kept me for over an hour and half before their questioning. I went with our Secretary General (NDC) honourable Mwenya Musenge,” Kabwita said.

“There is a blog called ‘Top Secret pa Zed’ where I am the chief administrator of the group. In that group, someone has impersonated Chiteme and has been posting statements that were putting State House in disrepute. Honourable Chiteme then reported me to the police.”

He explained that he had no control of who joins the blog because joining was posted through links.

“I gave a statement to the police. Now I have no control of who joins the blog. I can post the link in different WhatsApp groups for anyone to join. So how do I know who has joined? There are a lot of people in the blog and I don’t know them all. The police wanted to find out if I can help with investigations, but I have refused because I don’t have control and they have the number of the said []impersonator]. Let them use the same number to go to ZICTA to find out who the person is.”

Kabwita said Chiteme should just accept that he was the one who posted the statements. He said Chiteme should just use his money to develop Nkana Constituency rather than intimidating citizens from the opposition.

“I feel Chiteme is misusing his powers as a minister. It will not help Chiteme to use the police. Chiteme should just focus on Nkana Constituency. He should just accept that he accidentally sent those messages in the blog,” said Kabwita.

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