SP, Italy’s Demoractic Party agree to cooperate, collaborate

The Socialist Party (Zambia) and Italy’s Demoractic Party have established links for further cooperation and collaboration.

Dr Fred M’membe, the Socialist Party (Zambia) presidential candidate for 2021, on Tuesday held talks in Rome with Francesco Boccia, a member of parliament in the Italian House of Commons from the main opposition party, the centre-left Democratic Party, the party that led the previous national government.

In a meeting at Italy’s parliament building in Rome, Boccia informed Dr M’membe that he had announced his candidature for the leadership of the Democratic Party. He’s contesting the secretary of the party.
Boccia is on the left of the Democratic Party.

The two discussed on how best they would work together to end the growing inequality and unemployment in the world.
During the discussion, the Socialist Party (Zambia) sought help with training and development of cadres and party organisation.

“We analysed the position of the left in Europe, Africa and the world at large. We looked at the strategies of the left in the light of growing narrow nationalism of the right and far right,” said Dr M’membe.

He said the Socialist Party, as a new party, sought assistance from the Democratic Party “in party and election campaign organisation and management and media issues”.

The two leaders agreed to deepen contacts and collaboration between their parties.

“We agreed to cooperate in the campaigns on environmental issues, growing global inequality and unemployment which neoliberal capitalism cannot solve. The Democratic Party offered to help in national budget preparations and research,” said Dr M’membe.

Boccia wished Dr M’membe the best in the preparations for the 2021 presidential elections. And Dr M’membe equally wished Boccia well in the forthcoming Democratic Party leadership contest.

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