Thursday 11/10/2018

South Africa will bear the Zim burden
Dear Editor
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South Africa will bear the Zimbabwean Burden.
The move by Zimbabwean government to cancel citizenship for people living outside Zimbabwe for 5 years who do not pay diaspora tax means that an estimated million in South Africa might become stateless. South Africa has 4 million Zimbabweans and these Zimbabweans have been living there for more than 5 years. South Africa and other countries like UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia should force Mnangangwa and his team to resign as they have failed dismally. They should resist such policy as they will suffer the most as they has to cater for the stateless people of Zimbabwe.
Tapiwa Muskwe
The long defeat has come home
Dear Editor,
The stories about police brutality that we Zambians are accustomed to watch or read about from other countries are now unfolding right before our eyes.
The very corruption to which most of us react with indifferent is now aiding and abetting the police brutality we are seeing now.
It is folly and pretty much silly for anyone to think that they cannot be affected by corruption for the effects of corruption foster nothing but poverty, rage and unfulfilled lives.
Our so called Christian Nation seems to be on its bended knees economically, crumbling while we wonder who will be its next casualty.
We all need to fight corruption and we can start by demanding and putting an emphasis on critical thinking from our leaders.
We can fix our broken nation by raising taxes not on the poor masses but on the ones who benefit most from our collective efforts, trials and tribulations.
We can use those resources to put people to work, send people to school, give people more time to raise their kids and really improve our society.
As a country, we need to start making heroes out of artists in any medium because not everyone is cut our for the proverbial 9 to 5. Not everyone need to go the university. But right now, it is the only hope for most young people to get themselves out of generational poverty.
We need to generate more casual interest in science and technology. We need to push ourselves toward creative endeavors, not destructive.
If what is happening in the country is meant to make us learn the hard way, then learn we should or together we will all fall victim to the long defeat.
This is the only sense I can make from the brutal killing of the University of Zambia 4th year student, Vespers Kamunzhila, by our trigger happy police officers.
Kampa Senkwe

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