People who don’t believe in PF values have hijacked the party – Chilikwazi

FORMER PF Kapiri Mposhi district youth vice chairman Costain Chilikwazi says people that do not believe in the ideologies, values and principles on which the party was founded have hijacked the Patriotic Front. Chilikwazi stated that people surrounding President Edgar Lungu did not believe in ideologies of the original PF, but had ill motives that might ruin the party in future.

“The people that have been trekking from the opposition to the Patriotic Front and have now surrounded the Head of State did not believe in ideologies of the original PF and were the ones that used to insult the founding leader of the Patriotic Front on a daily basis using cheap political propaganda. These are people that have come from the Rupiah Banda camp like minister Dora Siliya that used to talk ill about the founding leader of the PF, but today are in the current PF cabinet. We also have people like Antonio Mwanza, who did not believe in the ideologies of the original PF, but today he wants to sound like the Alpha and Omega by claiming that the PF has created more than15,000 jobs in the health sector,” stated Chilikwazi.

“These people have ill motives and agendas that might destroy the PF in the near future. We have also noticed that people that sacrificed for the Patriotic Front when it was in its infancy like Kelvin Bwalya Fube, Chishimba Kambwili and Harry Kalaba are being victimised and have become victims of circumstances for speaking out against the leadership style of the current PF. You can clearly see that the Patriotic Front has been hijacked by people that do not believe in the ideologies, values and principles that the original PF was founded on. The original PF was a pro-poor party that wanted to lower taxes, create jobs and put more money in people’s pockets as a way of ensuring equal distribution of wealth among citizens. But the current PF leadership has departed from all this.”
Chilikwazi also said that intraparty democracy was diminishing in the current PF.

“We have noticed that PF members like Lusaka [lawyer] Kelvin Bwalya Fube that want to express their views on the current party leadership style are being condemned and their views suppressed. There’s no longer freedom of expression in the PF,” said Chilikwazi; who is now a member of the opposition UPND. “Intraparty democracy is diminishing in the current Patriotic Front. This is because what we are seeing is volume II of the PF, what we are seeing is [not] a photocopy of the original PF and there’s [no] hope of getting back to the original Patriotic Front.”

Meanwhile, Chilikwazi urged the PF leadership to address financial challenges at the University of Zambia instead of spending huge sums of money buying off civic leaders from opposition political parties.
“We have also noticed with sadness that the PF leadership has devised a mechanism aimed at buying off ward councillors from opposition political parties at a huge expense so that we can be having local government by-elections time and again,” stated Chilikwazi. “Our appeal to the PF government therefore is that, instead of spending huge sums of money buying off ward councillors let them channel those financial resources to the payment of UNZA students’ allowances and outstanding payments to lecturers.”

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