Zambia headed for police state – NDC

ZAMBIA is headed to be a police state under the current PF leadership, says National Democratic Congress vice-president Joseph Akafumba. He said where there is a failed state, crime, corruption and anarchy became the order of the day.

Akafumba, who is also NDC chairperson for legal, said Zambia was at crossroads.

In an interview, the former justice ministry permanent secretary and Southern Province PF chairperson said Zambians needed a vibrant political party such as the NDC to free them from the impending police state.

“There are obvious signs under the current PF leadership that we are headed to be a police state. The smoke is already there for one to see that there is fire simmering somewhere. One need not go too far but see what has happened at UNZA (University of Zambia) with the death of Vespers Shimuzhila, one has just got to look at the huge budget allocation for police enforcement of the public order Act [K2 billion allocation],” he said. “These are signs of a police state. These are signs of a highly corrupt nation whose leaders will do anything possible to stay in power.”

Akafumba, however, said all that could be avoided if only Zambians were vigilant and mobilised themselves at grassroots levels and “say no to the PF rule in 2021″.

He said the PF leadership under President Edgar Lungu was not responsive to the plight of the poor as the ruling party was under late president Michael Sata.
“They are not concerned with the poor youths, the poor women and farmers, they are not responsive to the plight of the aged. That is why a student can be killed by the police and no one in the government resigns,” Akafumba said. “To them all is well and if they had their way, it should have been more than Vespers Shimuzhila.”

He said the NDC under the consultancy of Chishimba Kambwili felt for the poor and marginalised youths.

Akafumba said under the current PF leadership, Zambians needed to brace for worse levels of corruption.
“We feel for the plight of the youths who are roaming the streets. We feel for the women who are trying to make ends meet in markets whose state of hygiene is pathetic. We feel for the working class who are yet to tighten their belts much more than they have ever done before in their lives,” he said. “Zambia is at cross-roads and if we don’t mobilise ourselves, we will be soon declared the worst country in the Southern African region if not the entire continent.”

Akafumba said at the current rate Zambia was headed for anarchy.

“We can’t have a nation where human rights are not respected. We don’t need a country where the police can resort to actions that lead to the death of an innocent intellectual, there is no respect for the rule of law, no respect for human rights. We are heading for anarchy if the police can act at will,” observed Akafumba.

“However, I want to assure all Zambians that the leadership of Kambwili is committed to upholding the rule of law and I call on all Zambians to listen to him and judge who is telling the truth between him and the PF leadership. He is committed to fighting corruption in the most aggressive manner ever seen and believes that all Zambians deserve justice and respect of their human rights and dignity. We should all know that where there is a failed state, crime, corruption and anarchy become the order of the day and with the PF, Zambia is headed in that direction.”

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