Coming polls will be about ‘past versus future’ – Kalaba


(By Edwin Mbulo in Mongu)

HARRY Kalaba says Zambians need to start speaking out against the PF’s inequalities and not to wait for 2021. The presidential hopeful says the 2021 general elections will be about the past versus the future and not about the Democratic Party or the UPND. Kalaba also says he cannot resign as Bahati PF member of parliament because he was elected for a term of five years by the electorates and not the chancers in Lusaka.

Speaking on Radio Lyambai on Saturday, Kalaba who is on a tour of Western Province, said Zambians were suffering every day.

“Zambians need to begin to speak up, speak up so that people can hear you. Why say we will punish them in 2021, the same people you are saying we will punish in 2021 are enjoying, they are drinking Red Wine,” Kalaba said.

“If you speak up, they will know that you are not happy, because things are not right and people need to be heard. Don’t fear anybody because it is your right embedded in the Bill of Rights, so why keep quite over injustices? Speak.”

He said the civil service was wrecked with frustrations because politicians were the only ones getting salary increments. Kalaba said Zambians had been rendered bystanders by politicians.

“Zambians are suffering every day… we have even opened the Bank of China in Kitwe and in Lusaka so that the money can easily go out into China,” he said. “Have you ever seen a Chinese at an ATM withdrawing money? It is because they are not banking with us.”

Kalaba said Zambia could do better by taking advantage of the country’s natural resources such as the wetlands in Western Province.

“We are allowing ourselves to be undermined by our own economic situations when we can do better. Why can’t we take advantage of this, our Western Province and do what we should do? What is wrong by just telling the Chinese to move away from Lusaka and get into Western Province and help us with growing rice?” he asked. “After all, they eat rice. If we grow more rice here in Western Province, we will be exporting rice from here straight into to Beijing.”

Kalaba said this was not being done because of bad governance.

“We are dealing with bad governance, because if it was good governance a lot of youths here would be employed,” he said.

Kalaba, who was accompanied by Democratic Party national mobilisation chairperson Chapiya Shalusabanga and Western Province officials,  said he had always believed in the Lozis as they were great people who had always made decisions that changed the Zambian political landscape.

“The elections in 2021 will not be about the Democratic Party verses the UPND, the elections in 2021 will not be about Harry Kalaba verses another person, the elections in 2021 will not even be about Luapula versus  the Western Province. The elections in 2021 will be about the past versus the future,” he said.

Kalaba said he was excited about the Democratic Party’s invitation for him to contest the 2021 presidential elections.

“This is a country that is going through a lot of challenges, this is a country that has missed its priorities, this is a country that does not know the exact things that the people want,” said Kalaba. “This is a country where our youths have been confined to languish and women have continued to remain impoverished. This is a country where everyone continues to wallow in abject poverty while politicians have everything. This is a country at crossroads because we are now at a defining point, we are at a time where this country now needs to say: where are we going? Where are we coming from? It looks and seems to me that we have not understood the past very well as a people. It is time that we started to engage in the past to postulate the future because right now as we stand, most people are wallowing in poverty.”

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