Kalume roughs up Nkana supporter

LUSAKA Dynamos Football Club midfielder Sydney Kalume on Saturday went berserk when he left the field to attack a female Nkana fan.

Soon after the final whistle in the MTN/FAZ week 38 fixture between Dynamos and Nkana at Nkoloma Stadium, Kalume went for the fan and pulled her hair while warning her not to be stupid.

His act caught everyone by surprise but quick action from Nkana and Zesco fans prevented the footballer from further punishing the lady as he unleashed unprintables.

Earlier as the game was in progress, the female Nkana enthusiast, in her support for the Kitwe side, called Kalume an old man whose football life was nose diving.

As a trend, most players do not pay attention to comments from the general public when the game is in motion but it looks like Kalume paid particular attention to what the Nkana fan said.

Coaches and players from various teams have been victim of fan rantings but Kalume’s action left everyone shocked, as it has never happened regardless of how strong the comments some fans issue.

Nkana fans, who at this juncture realised their colleague was harassed, promised Kalume a good beating.

An ambush was mounted right at the entrance of the Lusaka Dynamos bus so that the former Nkana captain could be “taught a lesson” over his behaviour.

But police kept the irate Nkana fans afar to avoid any contact with the player.

Kalume and Nkana fans exchanged words in the presence of an alert police team that prevented close contact until the Lusaka Dynamos bus left the stadium.

The Nkana fans said had it not been for Kalume’s previous dealings with the Kitwe side, he would have been sorted out.

Kalume was Nkana captain when the Kitwe side won their 12th title in 2012 but was offloaded the following season.

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