NDC urges govt to depoliticise police


THE National Democratic Congress says the PF regime has divided the country using state apparatus such as the police. And the NDC has demanded the depoliticisation of the police service. NDC acting spokesperson Misheck Moyo said the party feared that as the nation drew closer to 2021, the opposition would completely be grounded if police conduct was left unchecked. He stated in a statement that the police’s decision to continuously block the NDC from having public consultation meetings was absurd.

“The decision by state police to deny the NDC [permission to] hold a public consultative meeting in Chingola yesterday (Saturday) is nothing but utterly absurd. Not once, not twice, but on several occasions, the police command countrywide has refused to allow the NDC to hold public meetings. Even in instances where the NDC is taking part in elections, police have always stopped us from interacting with the general public,” Moyo stated.

“Recently, our party consultant and 2021 presidential candidate Dr Chishimba Kambwili was not allowed to address a public meeting in Chifunabuli District where we had an election. To therefore promulgate that Zambia is slowly drifting into an authoritarian regime is not an understatement. How else can one justify the unprofessional conduct of our police service? The NDC is a registered political grouping and we see no reason why authorities should not allow us hold public meetings.”


He stated that it was unfortunate that for the last 11 months, police on the Copperbelt had denied NDC chance to have public meetings. Moyo advised the PF to depoliticise the operations of the police.


“We know that they are men and women of integrity in the police service but, they cannot make professional decisions because of political fears. As NDC, we demand for the immediate depoliticisation of the police service. The police command should start making decisions that are in the interest of the general populace,” he stated.


“We notice with concern that the PF and other political parties such as the MMD, an appendage of the governing party, have been holding meetings countrywide without police permits. But the question still remains unanswered as to why the police has been blocking the NDC from reaching out to the masses? If the police service is not ready to provide security at our public forums, we are ready as a party to adequately provide the needed security to our leaders. Zambia is not under a State of Emergency and citizens should be allowed to interact freely. The police command should for once seriously address our concerns.

We shall be forced to take legal action if the police continue to muzzle the opposition.”

Moyo reminded the PF that governments “come and go”.

“Governments come and go, and the PF will never rule Zambia in perpetuity. We urge all well-meaning rights bodies to vehemently condemn the PF action to amputate the opposition in this country. If there are certain individuals within the police circles who are so much attached to the PF Government, we urge them to remove their uniforms and join the political fray. The economic problems Zambia is facing affect all of us, including the police service. It is our prayer that the police command should for once, exhibit professionalism in administration of the public order Act,” stated Moyo.

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