POWER ABOUT TO SHIFT… time to behave like children has gone – Bishop Phiri

(By Edwin Mbulo in Mongu)

WE are living at a time when there is going to be power shift, says Bishop Wilson Phiri. And former foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba on Sunday attended three church services in Mongu to wind up his three-day tour of Western Province. During his sermon at Mongu Assemblies of God Church, Ebenezer Cathedral Pentecostal Assemblies of God, Bishop Phiri of Kabwe said the worst injustice that can happen in any society is for good people to keep quiet.

“The time to behave like children has gone, the time to be like children has gone. We are living at a time when there is going to be power shift. Power is about to shift. Power is about to change hands. A transition is about to happen because of the word of God,” Bishop Phiri said.

He said it was not humility to keep quiet when there were so many wrongs such as adultery and crime being committed.

“It is not humility, it is stupidity. No one will send you to jail for speaking up for your rights. If Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison, you will also come out. For every crisis, there is a word of God. Don’t be like a child, you have the right to change things around you in the country, be it at district, provincial and national level. You have the power to change the situation,” Bishop Phiri said.

Reverend Simakando Mubiana of Limulunga UCZ Consistory prayed for Kalaba and said anything was possible. He said Zambia was a haven of peace despite the many challenges.

“We are privileged to have you, man servant, who is travelling throughout the country to try and make this country what you want,” said Rev Mubiana.

And Kalaba told the Limulunga UCZ congregants that he decided to resign as foreign minister because Zambia was no longer on the right path. He said at 42 years, he was young, but he had decided to join the many suffering masses, forgetting about his happiness.

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