Some clergy have abandoned the poor, says Siamoongwa


REVEREND Sialumba Siamoongwa says leaders must not detach themselves from reality by choosing to behave like wounded buffaloes to scare citizens from holding them accountable. The Choma-based clergyman said in an interview that the country was in need of leaders that could stand firm in uniting Zambians, promote good governance, and speak the truth.

“Zambians cannot afford to have leaders that behave like wounded buffaloes all the time whenever they are criticised for wrong things they are doing in the country,” Rev Siamoongwa said.

He said leaders were supposed to guide, lead the people with the principles and values of integrity. Rev Siamoongwa said the country needed to be helped to uphold the truth, love for one another and practice forgiveness that came from deep down. He said Zambia lacked good governance and a powerful united opposition political group to provide genuine checks and balances. Rev Siamoongwa said it was unfortunate that those in the opposition concentrated much on fighting each other to get power while those in government behaved like the day of accountability for all their actions would not come.

“Those in government should realise how important it is to create a conducive environment for everyone for the economy to grow and give space to an effective opposition because the two play a critical role in poverty eradication,” he said.

Rev Siamoongwa said the country was in the intensive care both politically and economically due to bad governance coupled with corruption. He explained that those in government were benefitting heavily from the suffering of majority Zambians.

Rev Siamoongwa urged the PF government to go back to the drawing board and see if their campaign promise of more money in the people’s pocket was now a reality.

And Rev Siamoongwa said it was shocking that some church leaders who were supposed to be speaking against injustice were now busy endorsing the same politicians that were causing problems in the country. He said majority Zambians were heartbroken by the hardships the PF regime had put them under.

“Yet some church leaders who are supposed to speak for the oppressed choose to pay a blind eye and instead decide to dine with the oppressors,” Rev Siamoongwa said.

He said social harmony could not be achieved when majority leaders in a nation did not fear God. Rev Siamoongwa said where there was no fear of God, and leaders who should lead by example choose to be bad examples, there was confusion in that society.

“Leaders should be problem solvers and not experts in blaming each other. Whatever is happening now in the country whether good or bad, the PF must be held accountable because they are the ones ruling,” said Rev Siamoongwa.

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