Failure to accept divisions costing PF – party official


FAILURE to accept that we are divided is costing us, says Mufulira district PF youth chairman Bupe Kalumba. In an interview, Kalumba said a lot of people had lost hope in PF. He said PF leaders had become more occupied with personal gains than service to the people.

“We are in a club for personal gain. If you don’t gain now, then forget and forever remain to ask for handouts. We had started so well in 2011 but after the death of president [Michael] Sata, we have become a party for each one for themselves. And we are so divided because leaders think having a position is the only survival in this country,” Kalumba said.

“Just look at how people are fighting for positions! That does not mean that we are attractive. No! It is a sign that people are desperate to survive. There is no empowerment in PF. Anyone who comes with money in the name of empowerment, it’s either they are positioning oneself for adoption as MP or seeking a party position.”

He said the PF remained a divided party with camps.

Kalumba said speaking the truth in PF was a sign of getting oneself out of the party.

“We are no longer a party of truth. I am a church leader and it will not help if I keep quiet. People are upset with us. Come to Mufulira, move about, talk to people and hear their reaction. If we call for public meetings, people are not willingly coming, but only to see if money will be shared. As a party we are treading on a very dangerous ground. Look at the promises to the ex-miners!  What have we done for them? Nothing,” Kalumba said. “But we want the same ex-miners to vote for us?  We want the people we promised to vote for us when we have not delivered to their expectations! Yes, the roads are being done, but does that translate in uplifting the living standards of our people? We need to be serious. The problem is we want to blame the opposition all the time. It is us who are failing the people.”

He said the ruling party needed a reality check and start fulfilling the campaign promises.

“People can never be fooled for a long time. We need to own up and do the right thing. We promised and we need to deliver. I hope my message will not be taken like I’m a rebel member. People come to us. We are the ones on the grassroots who were telling the people to vote for us as PF,” said Kalumba.

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