RTSA notes rise in speed limit compliance

THE Road Transport and Safety Agency says it has observed a significant increase in speed limit compliance to as high as 99 per cent on selected roads since the commencement of camera enforcement on July 11.
The agency reminded the public that road safety was of great importance to all well-meaning Zambians and that the main objective of road safety law enforcement under the Road Safety Management System was to save lives.
In a statement from the agency’s public relations unit, RTSA also stated that images circulating on social media alleging that one of the speed cameras on Great East Road had been vandalised were not true.
The agency stated that it was however aware of a story published by The Citizen of South Africa dated October 17 in which a speed camera in that country was vandalised.
“Follow the full story here https://goo.gl/b6DiFt. The speed cameras in place are tamper proof with in-built auto-detection systems. The public is also encouraged to alert the agency of any suspicious activities around the speed cameras. Malicious damage to public property is a criminal offence with far-reaching consequences and the agency is working closely with Zambia Police in monitoring the speed cameras to prevent any acts of economic sabotage,” stated RTSA.



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