We’ve leaders that value their pockets – Fr Chola


WE are in a crisis because we have leaders that value their pockets more than a poor Zambian, says Catholic priest Fr Kennedy Chola.

In an interview, Fr Chola said the PF administration was fulfilling the scripture of “in the last days, people will be lovers of themselves.”

He said the appetite, starting from the Head of State, to amass wealth was alarming.

“The Bible has put it open and clear. In the last days, people will be lovers of themselves. So as things stand, the PF is fulfilling that scripture. The leadership we have has decided not to listen to the poor. We see and hear how people are suffering, yet someone says that the country is doing well and everyone is eating,” Fr Chola said.

“We need to be true to oneself. People are suffering out there. No jobs, no food, high cost of living, high transport fares. This is injustice to the people. A serious leader will suffer with the people. But people are neglected. There is a serious appetite from our leaders, starting with the Head of State to make and amass wealth. We are not saying this because we don’t love our leaders, no!  We want our leaders to know that people are suffering. This is reality on the ground.”

He said leaders with authority were busy buying expensive cars and planes.

Fr Chola said Zambians should know that they had leadership that did not see their sufferings.

And Fr Chola said arrogance from leaders in authority should come to an end.

“Leaders should listen more than acting arrogant to divergent views. When in authority, it does not mean you know everything. Even us in the Church we do more of listening,” said Fr Chola. “The homily we give is based on the teaching of God and what the people tell us. If we see that the faith of the people is going down, we preach to give hope. If we see the sick we pray for healing. So we learn from the people.”

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