Forgive yourselves first for your wrongs, Chipepo urges politicians


CHIEF Chipepo has urged politicians to ask for forgiveness from God and turn away from wickedness of stealing public resources.
And chief Chipepo says Zambians must take advantage of the day of national prayer, reconciliation and fasting to pray against the spirit of being sold. In an interview, chief Chipepo urged politicians to forgive themselves first and ask God to correct.

The traditional leader said no matter how much politicians pretended to pray to God, there could not be reconciliation among them if they did not forgive themselves for the wrong things they were committing against innocent Zambians. He said the much talked about and anticipated national dialogue could not take place because politicians did not fear God.

“That is why they are even able to loot public coffers,” chief Chipepo said.

He advised politicians to engage each other in prayers and avoid insulting each other. Chief Chipepo appealed to President Edgar Lungu to pray for his opponents and reconcile with them for the good of the nation. He said the bible challenged everyone to pray for their enemies. He suggested that the organisers of the national day of prayers should pray for those that had boycotted the event. Chief Chipepo advised citizens against hero-worshiping pastors on the day of national prayer but instead pray for themselves individually.

He said it was time for Zambians to ask themselves why the country was poor despite being rich in natural resources and why stealing public money had become so rampant. And chief Chipepo said it was important that citizens pray that their country should not be recolonised again since powerful nations were scrambling for it.

“Zambians must take advantage of the day of national prayer, reconciliation and fasting to pray against the spirit of being sold. We are under siege because everyone now is crying for Zambia,” he said.

Chief Chipepo said politicians had taken Zambia as their own shop and they could do anything without any consideration for other citizens. He expressed sadness that despite people swearing to God by holding the bible, they were still stealing national resources.
Chief Chipepo said politics had been taken as a lucrative business to enrich the privileged serving in public offices and not to provide a service.

He cited lack of obedience to God’s word as the major reason why people were able to loot national resources. Chief Chipepo said the country was experiencing pandemonium in the political circles because everyone wanted to steal national resources. He said Zambians must pray for their money and natural resources that were being looted by those entrusted with power.

He said there was also need to pray against ignorance among citizens.

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