Pray that your eyes are opened, PF member advises party colleagues


PF member Edward Mwaba Ndalama says the ruling party members should pray that their eyes be opened to see what was going on.

Ndalama has been criticising the party leadership for telling lies to President Edgar Lungu and stating that the ruling party has lost popularity.
“For the enemy of PF party and President Lungu is within. The people who are tarnishing the image of the PF party and putting our President in the firing range are within. For example, on the Copperbelt, and Ndola in particular, the PF party is losing popularity because the interface between the PF party and the people of Ndola is rotten with illegality in land allocations,” Ndalama said in a statement he posted in various WhatsApp groups.
“They have given plots on the banks of Kafubu River and when we spoke and told them to think about the repercussions of their mediocrity, we got removed from our elected positions, saying you are insulting leaders. Now we have problems, you will find some houses have no outlets, you find where a road should pass there is a house.”
Ndalama said the PF needed to be saved from people with ill motives.
He said PF has a lot of puppets.
“Those that love PF party and President Lungu in truth, let us stand up and save the PF party. Don’t ever exchange true promotion for a position where you become a puppet. True promotion comes from God through the people of God, speak for them!” said Ndalama.

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