Ndola police stop budget meet, arrest pastor and CTPD officials

POLICE in Ndola have disrupted a meeting that was organised by the Centre for Trade Policy and Development to reflect on the proposed 2019 national budget and picked up the lead pastor. CTPD had organised a meeting with Ndola pastors to reflect on the budget in Ndola. The meeting at Ndola Central Baptist Church attracted a number of pastors from different denominations.

The police picked up Pastor George Palo, who organised the Church leaders in Ndola. Others that were picked are two officials, CTPD head of programmes and research Brian Chiko Mwiinga, and communications officer Isaiah Mbewe. Riot and plan clothes police officers disrupted the meeting and ordered everyone to leave the Church premises while they picked the top leaders.

CTPD executive director Isaac Mwaipopo confirmed the disruption of the meeting.

“As we speak, Pastor George Palo, one of the leaders that helped us to bring together the faith leaders is still at the police for questioning. From the Centre for Trade Police and Development, two have also been summoned. Our head of programmes and research, Mr Brian Chiko Mwiinga and our communications officer Mr Isaiah Mbewe, are on their way to Ndola Police station for questioning as well,” Mwaipopo said.

“We are yet to get full details in terms of what wrong has been committed by meeting the faith, church leaders and discussing issues in the proposed 2019 national budget but if we do we should be able to share.”

By press time, Pastor Palo and officials from CTPD were being questioned while other pastors thronged the police station.

Efforts to get Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga have failed as her phones were switched off.

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