Unemployed L/stone youths choose beer, sex over prayers

BEER drinking and explicitly dressed girls on Thursday opted for beer drinking in residential areas instead of taking part in the national day of prayer and fasting. A check by The Mast revealed that youths turned to beer drinking as early as 08:00 hours in areas such as Maramba’s Malota area, Linda, Libuyu and Dambwa Central and also Dambwa Site and Service areas.

This reporter found young girls dressed in short dresses and skirts, revealing most of their body parts as if to beat the scorching heat that prevailed in the tourist capital. One of the youths found drinking Opaque Chibuku beer near Mbita market said there was nothing to pray about adding that he would rather drown himself in alcohol than attend a gathering that would not change his unemployment status.
“Unless they say if I go there I will be given a job, I am a qualified driver and mechanic, yet I have no job. We have a lot of garages and I rarely get customers who come to have their cars fixed,” the youth, who only identified himself as Young Obama, said amidst laughter from his friends.

The youth also complained that many young girls and men in Maramba had turned to drinking beer and prostitution.

In Dambwa’s Site and Service, many girls were found drinking Shake-Shake Chibuku.
One of the girls said the only place she could find customers for sex was in bars.

“What do you expect in a country that is full of corrupt leaders? The economic hardships are ever increasing and many youths are being forced into alcohol abuse and sex work. The HIV prevalence rates will soon skyrocket if Zambia continues on the current path. We need change and it must come quickly,” said Paul Sensele, the former Livingstone district commissioner.

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