Govt anticipates food shortages starting in Dec, says Hamukale

SOUTHERN Province minister Edify Hamukale says government anticipates food shortages starting from Christmas period till the next harvest.
During independence commemorations in Choma on Wednesday, Hamukale appealed to farmers to keep their produce for consumption and benefit of the country.
“We anticipate food shortages starting from the period of Christmas till [the next] harvest time. So reserve your food nicely,” he said.
And Hamukale said independence in the Dr Kenneth Kaunda era was treated as an important day such that even shops could be closed but that now there was a casual attention towards the commemorations.
He wished in future there would be a law to compel citizens to attend important national days like independence.
Hamukale said citizens must not take important days as an opportunity to do their programmes like conducting weddings but participate in commemorating them.
“But you can still propose love to a lady on Independence [Day] because they are happy today, so just go and kneel down before a lady but don’t conduct your wedding today,” said Hamukale.

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