I pity PF – Mukuni … their downfall will be more severe than what happened to UNIP, MMD

I PITY the PF, their downfall will be more severe than what was experienced by UNIP and the MMD, says chief Mukuni.
And chief Mukuni of Kazungula and Livingstone says there are many good leaders in the PF who are not stealing and would want the best for the Zambian poor masses but are being held captive. He said if not careful, soon Zambians would be asked to get police permits to gather at a house of mourning or to bury a loved one.
In an interview, Mukuni said the PF’s style of governance was an affront to democratic tenets.

“I don’t know how to describe my feelings on the current governance style of the PF. I don’t exactly know how to describe my feelings about the PF. It scares me to think of what will happen to Zambians if the PF is given another five years after 2021,” he said. “Simply put, I pity the PF because their downfall will be more severe than what happened to UNIP and the MMD. I have a feeling that for the first time we will see a lot of the current top PF leadership fleeing the country so as to run away from answering for the crimes they have and continue to commit.”

Mukuni said if Zambians were to liberate themselves from the current economic hardships, they needed to speak out more loudly.
He said civil society organisations and associations such as the Law Association of Zambia needed to mobilise the masses to be free to raise objections to the injustices currently being perpetrated by the PF leadership.

“We have seen acts of late that are tantamount to abuse of the law. We have seen Zambians being detained or harassed by the police for exercising their rights to assembly and movement,” he said.

“What happened to [Harry] Kalaba in North Western [Province] is against his rights of movement and assembly. Why stop one from visiting a district? Why send police to wait outside a church for an innocent Zambian? Why arrest people who are meeting to debate the 2019 national budget? (police recently arrested pastors and officials from Centre for Trade Policy and Development in Ndola and declared the budget analysis session at the Baptist Church as unlawful assembly). If people don’t discuss the budget, how then would they direct their members of parliament to speak on certain budgetary issues? We are in a police state and very soon we will be told that we need a police permit for funeral gatherings and a permit to go and bury a loved one at a cemetery.”

Mukuni however, noted that there were God-fearing leaders within the PF who were not corrupt and feel for the poor.
“I have spoken to a lot of the PF ministers and senior leaders who are saying they are not happy with the turn of events. They say the PF has been hijacked by bad elements who are only interested in their pockets and bellies,” said Mukuni.
“These PF ministers and leaders I have talked to seem to be held captive but I have given them examples of Kalaba and Chishimba Kambwili that they too can leave the PF captivity. The gates are open and they can easily walk out because if they don’t, they will soon sink with the PF boat and there will be no means to salvage them. They can easily walk out; unless they too are tainted with corruption and theft.”

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