Zambia’s very first betPawa Jackpot winner, wins K100,000 on a K1 bet!


Kabwe resident, Victor Masandube can’t believe his luck after becoming Zambia’s very first jackpot winner after placing a K1 bet on 13 games to walk away K100,000 richer! After his friend from Lusaka introduced him to betPawa, Victor went ahead and placed a few bets across the weekend, one of which would see him win a total K100,000.

Despite being contacted by betPawa, at first, Victor thought the whole thing was a joke! “I hung up to tell my friend that someone is trying to mess with my mind, but after he checked the jackpot results for me I soon realised it was real and I had won. I still couldn’t believe I turned K1 into K100,000.”

Victor plans to reward his friend and look into farming

Even after a little time has settled, Victor still appears to be in a state of shock, saying “I am even shaking right now. I’m so happy and humbled to have won.” When pressed on how he may use his winnings, Victor revealed “This win couldn’t have come at a better time, I am a self-sponsored student and not on any scholarships, so now I can complete my studies with my newly earned fortune.”

Victor will also look to reward his friend that introduced him to betPawa, saying “I will give some to my friend that referred me to betPawa, I also like farming too, so buying farming implements for this coming farming season may also be a possibility for me.” Victor also had some encouragement for other aspiring betters, stating “You should bet with betPawa because they allow you to bet small win BIG. They’re the best in the game of betting, so my message is simple – join betPawa and become a winner like me!”

BetPawa would like to congratulate Victor on his win! We hope that you enjoy your winnings.

What is betPawa’s no minimum stake? betPawa offers its customers with the genuine chance to bet small win BIG by allowing users to bet as little as K1.

What is betPawa’s win bonus? betPawa offers the best win bonus in Zambia, allowing users to win up to 100% extra. With 50% for 10 correct picks and 100% for 20 correct picks or more, meaning you get much more in return!

betPawa is the easiest way to bet online securely. Not only do they offer the best odds on the market but they provide their customers with the opportunity to bet small win BIG using a no minimum odds service of just K1, they also offer win bonuses to increase betting returns and they provide 24hr support to customers that need it.

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